Thursday, 7 January 2010

Soul Mate Melodies

There is no poetic justification
For this emotion I’m about to describe
For some it happens slowly
Yet sometimes it can’s survive

When this emotion
Is found to be pure
And the feeling you get is so rich with love
So powerful and addictive
That you crave more
With innocence so strong
Can only be found from above

Whenever you feel there is no one to trust
This emotion can bring comfort and joy
Its protection and care is always a must
Something which could bring hate or begin to annoy

When two people, they want companionship
And when together, their thoughts they fuse
This emotion bursts open, it of course is true friendship
A feeling so precious, it cannot be abused

For this to live on, our friendship must be
Where love sees no boundaries, no distance, or fear
Because this friendship is strong between you and me
The reasons of which I must explain this so clear

My message to you is don’t doubt how you feel
There will always be, my friendship to you
Once you have accepted, this love you will seal
Cause I will always be here especially for you.

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  1. awwww i forgot about that picture...for anyone else, that's my giant hand! :-)