Tuesday, 11 January 2011


So much in our lives, you have taught us
And through your pains, you have showed us the light
The love that you give, it surrounds us
The true power shines through with full might

No pain was too much for your soul
You tried not to show how it would feel
Swallow your agony, turn the tears to a laugh
So quickly you could help someone heal

You’ve showed that when people do wrong
To forgive them and to carry on
To keep a smile on your face and be strong
Then all that once went wrong, will be gone

Your wisdom surpasses your years
You’re a teacher, a father and friend
Through you, we’ve learnt to confront our fears
So now, through god, good wishes to you we send

How can we tell you that in every way
In everything, and in everyday
Of how proud we are to say you’re ours
Of how these seeds, you planted, have flowered

From what we are, to what we will be
Together we will walk for eternity
Love it happens for as long as it takes
Yet love from daughters to a father is a bond that never breaks

By Kavita Sohanta

It’s not my fault

I see your face through a scattered tear
Just like my future, misty and unclear
The silence which falls on this forgotten night
Shouts loud in my ear, in its blackness of sight

My aching heart, so torn and broken
Was all but shattered when you spoken
The memories which turn this breath to hate
Are apologies to remind me of my own selfish fate

My diseased mind which haunts me still
Are but swept away, with yet another pill
You think anxiety breeds no less
So you feel the wheel turns to happiness

This carriage, this body which I ride upon
With one strong blow, can all be gone
And the air in my lungs, it escapes me
And with one strong tug, can then take me

If I ride on this carriage, with foolish intent
The wheels will get weaker, begin to damage and dent
And soon enough your movement it halts
And all there is to blame, is your devilish faults.

The City Echo

Nourished prospects and cloudy towns
Built from brick of red and grey
Buildings scattered, choking the luscious grounds
These constant images of everyday

Flowers and gardens, and an air of grace
Etched against a backdrop of blue and white
With patches of green from place to place
Mixes of colour, stretching to great heights

Veins of passengers, travelling night and day
In windy days, storms, sunshine and rain
For destinations to work, rest and play
Journey’s riddled with frustration and pain

With billions of feet passing over concrete and stone
Each walk of life, each story awakes
Of chance encounters and people you meet
Of business endeavours to hearts that break

Scattered coloured faces wash the busy streets
And over bridges and roads, to keep the energy alive
Underneath the earth, this buzzing heats
Taking you over, connecting you to the vibe

At night the streets are paved with lights
Like a human body, this city pulsates
Streets of glamour, of energy and sights
Like a beating heart, that never deflates

By Kavita Sohanta

Angel Prayer

Summer fading, winters gone

Leaves falling and summer sun

Seasons changing uncontrollable

Forces of nature whisper unknowing

The drama of life and its spinning intoxication

Is all but a dream, just a constant fabrication?

Souls encountering and feeling and learning

On the quest for discovery, constantly yearning

Colours, magnetic that spill over the land

Souls forever protected in the lord’s almighty hand

Within this fabric we endeavour to be

Happy, protected, guided and free

Flowing in love, friendship and dreams

Entangled in honesty good wish’s it seems

Dear fairies around, place your gaze on someone

Show her your love, and teach her right from wrong

We angels need your guidance to

To teach us what we have to do

For we misplace our wings and loose our way

That is why we call to you when we pray

Let me rest my tired mind, and drift into a sleep

The images of this beautiful world, in my soul to keep

I give to you this special place, here within my heart

It’s here for you, when you need, from the end till the start

By Kavita Sohanta