Tuesday, 11 January 2011

It’s not my fault

I see your face through a scattered tear
Just like my future, misty and unclear
The silence which falls on this forgotten night
Shouts loud in my ear, in its blackness of sight

My aching heart, so torn and broken
Was all but shattered when you spoken
The memories which turn this breath to hate
Are apologies to remind me of my own selfish fate

My diseased mind which haunts me still
Are but swept away, with yet another pill
You think anxiety breeds no less
So you feel the wheel turns to happiness

This carriage, this body which I ride upon
With one strong blow, can all be gone
And the air in my lungs, it escapes me
And with one strong tug, can then take me

If I ride on this carriage, with foolish intent
The wheels will get weaker, begin to damage and dent
And soon enough your movement it halts
And all there is to blame, is your devilish faults.

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