Monday, 21 December 2009


There was a special someone
Who turned to me and said
Hold out your hand and walk with me
I will heal, where you have bled

The force which drive me onwards
Was the light, which lit my soul
It carried me in the darkness
And opened paths to my final goal

And on my journey, her footsteps tread
So silently, yet guiding
We walk in joyous leaps and motions
Our laughter forever binding

And so much our souls have aged
So old before our day is done
To experience so much of tears and joy
To be one with the eternal sun

To you, my sister of grace
Whose essence dances in the air
I give to you the dawn of thought
My honesty, my love, my care

By Kavita Sohanta

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I take one journey, hop onto the next
Never knowing what destination awaits me
Stir of anxiousness inside my belly, excitement, fear, worry
Drowning my senses
Echo’s whisper inside my mind, swaying me from side to side
Never brings me peace, but keeps my sleep restless
Keeping me small as I run out of time
Flowing so passionate for love to give you
Never being selfish to the feelings I feel
Being your shoulder, your strength, your shelter
Never showing you that this bleeding shoulder needs to heal
Hold you, so natural, so calm and so soothing
Breaking down barriers that were once carved in stone
Do I know who I am, how to get there, to become
When I look in your eyes, I know I am home
Pray that someday you will feel that love to
I long to be with you and I long for your touch
Until that one moment I will hold you so dear
Even if this young and naive heart of mine feels crushed.
By Kavita Sohanta

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Go where God sends you

Like the stars in the night
I shall look upon and say
Dear father protect me from the dark, and carry me from harm
Take away my silent tears and make my feelings calm

Upon the wind you echo words
And bring them to my ear
My child there is but one love
You have nothing no longer to fear
For I join the ancestors who left before, and together we wipe your tears
Us angels are but moments away
Your prayers we want to hear

Do not miss me, as I travel home
For I am everywhere for you
I have brought you together
In harmony, strength and love
To give thanks to our creator, the great healer from above

I am the tree that bares fruit
With this love and true power
A soul who is strong, protective, dominant yet upstanding

I am the birds in the sky
Sucking sweet nectar from flowers
Singing sweet melodies of my heart, so demanding

I am the heat from the sun
Shining down upon my loved ones
So unselfish, so honourable
Like my love forever expanding

I am the earth upon the ground
Keeping your feet steady
A father who is proud
Standing shoulder to shoulder as I’m standing

I am the pillar of strength who has held a heavy load
And these shoulders have begun to weaken
For this journey has been a dusty road
But my families love has been the beacon

You will hear me sing, play music and rejoice
Through your laughter and smiles, is heard
It’s the power of our hearts, which will help me re-find my voice
And togetherness is always what I preferred

But in the final breathe I take
I pray to the souls left behind
Please listen to the hearts own song, not what was in my mind

For I will never leave you
If you follow your souls and heart
For I will still protect you
So you see, we will never be apart.
By Kavita Sohanta

At the doorway of choices: Setting the Stage

Spoken words of envy and breathing in words of hate
Taking other people’s malice, in the interest of sanity’s sake
Words of peace, do not fail me now, when love seems so distant away
I am stronger each time, when fear takes me over, I can stand for one more day
An audience waits as I take to the stage, and I see in their eyes, thoughts of jealousy, so now I begin to rage
I’m scared and I panic and question this brave new choice
I beg to myself and my audience ‘please help me find my voice’
I choke up further and my mouth begins to dry
My eyes turn to darkness and my soul begins to cry
I walk away with their laughter surrounding
With every step I’m still questioning and deciding
Should I really be here, is this my actual calling,
Or is my fear engulfing me, is that why I’m stalling
Dislike of rejection from people without power
Continually refusing to let this hope within me flower
Faded strength fortuitously overwhelms my dreams
Was this all just an illusion, a nightmare or a vision it seems
The lights fade on my stage and my heart
My stomach clenches and butterflies begin to start
On a stage by myself, I feel vulnerable and cold
This feeling intensifies, becomes stronger and bold
The stage opens possibilities, dreams and chances
It’s like an amplifier, where my potential enhances
But the stage I face loves nothing but fear
That is why I stand here with nothing but a tear.
By Kavita Sohanta

Learning Love

When once this heart lived in a darkened place
No ounce of love or trust could be traced
This journeying of souls that travels
Brings us closer to the story that unravels
As the previous chapter fades away
I speak to you of the following days
Of when this broken heart it sang
And all the bells in heaven rang
My heart fell in love with another
I took to it, like a baby to a mother
The sweetness of this love, I found
Fades away as this past in me is bound
This bitterness of the past left behind
Now it’s up to love for me to find
But no matter if this love is unrequited
Or how much this soul of mine will fight
All that matters is he’s taught me how to love
And taught me there are beauties up above
Held by our love, we started strong
But now what has happened, what went wrong
Did we slip so quickly, out of each others arms
Do we no longer hold hands, each palm to palm
Has our love disappeared, and gone forever
All amounted to my one fear, to all we endeavour
If your heart does not love, then turn me away
Then there will be nothing else I can say
However, no matter if this love is unrequited
Or how much this soul of mine will fight
All that matters is he’s taught me how to love
And taught me there are beauties up above
Is it because we have to learn
How fragile love can be
That we are being tested so equivocally
If that means I’m losing
Don’t give up when you can help me to
If we can stand the test of time
I know that you and I will be fine
But if that love is unrequited
And of how much this soul of mine will fight
I know deep down you’ve taught me how to love
And that there are beauties in me which you can love
If we are not meant to be
Then I wish peace and love for you for eternity.
By Kavita Sohanta

Spiritual Mobility

Ride upon with glorious intent, ride along with more than repent
Hold tight these reigns, chase past your pains
In this misty land, where the road is not clear
Use more than your eyes, use your courage built from fear
You’ve travelled relentless, without remorse or regret
You become senseless, without discourse or upset
Yet ride high above your past, ride with energy, no longer will I be last
As I race arm to arm with demons waiting, my mind begins contemplating
Pride will blind me, jealousy will choke me, yet all will fade away if I find love within me
Demons eyes stare deep on the back of my neck, and its tempting words at my brain, do peck
Ride on young traveller, ride high above your past, ride stronger, ride with your heart, and ride more fast
This race will not be over, so don’t give up no more, for there are demons around you, who are closing the door
Anxiety will drown you, stress will dull you, yet will all go away if you use the power within you
So trust in this chariot, which you will call life, trust in the wheels that hold you upright
Don’t look back, or you’ll fall on your back, don’t taste the fear, or they will attack
Hold the reigns constant, let love drive you on
For you are riding alone now, and these demons are gone.
By Kavita Sohanta