Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I take one journey, hop onto the next
Never knowing what destination awaits me
Stir of anxiousness inside my belly, excitement, fear, worry
Drowning my senses
Echo’s whisper inside my mind, swaying me from side to side
Never brings me peace, but keeps my sleep restless
Keeping me small as I run out of time
Flowing so passionate for love to give you
Never being selfish to the feelings I feel
Being your shoulder, your strength, your shelter
Never showing you that this bleeding shoulder needs to heal
Hold you, so natural, so calm and so soothing
Breaking down barriers that were once carved in stone
Do I know who I am, how to get there, to become
When I look in your eyes, I know I am home
Pray that someday you will feel that love to
I long to be with you and I long for your touch
Until that one moment I will hold you so dear
Even if this young and naive heart of mine feels crushed.
By Kavita Sohanta

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  1. Awwww I'm so loving the pictures and the poetry! I know this blog is going to be so successful!!