Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Go where God sends you

Like the stars in the night
I shall look upon and say
Dear father protect me from the dark, and carry me from harm
Take away my silent tears and make my feelings calm

Upon the wind you echo words
And bring them to my ear
My child there is but one love
You have nothing no longer to fear
For I join the ancestors who left before, and together we wipe your tears
Us angels are but moments away
Your prayers we want to hear

Do not miss me, as I travel home
For I am everywhere for you
I have brought you together
In harmony, strength and love
To give thanks to our creator, the great healer from above

I am the tree that bares fruit
With this love and true power
A soul who is strong, protective, dominant yet upstanding

I am the birds in the sky
Sucking sweet nectar from flowers
Singing sweet melodies of my heart, so demanding

I am the heat from the sun
Shining down upon my loved ones
So unselfish, so honourable
Like my love forever expanding

I am the earth upon the ground
Keeping your feet steady
A father who is proud
Standing shoulder to shoulder as I’m standing

I am the pillar of strength who has held a heavy load
And these shoulders have begun to weaken
For this journey has been a dusty road
But my families love has been the beacon

You will hear me sing, play music and rejoice
Through your laughter and smiles, is heard
It’s the power of our hearts, which will help me re-find my voice
And togetherness is always what I preferred

But in the final breathe I take
I pray to the souls left behind
Please listen to the hearts own song, not what was in my mind

For I will never leave you
If you follow your souls and heart
For I will still protect you
So you see, we will never be apart.
By Kavita Sohanta

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