Tuesday, 15 December 2009

At the doorway of choices: Setting the Stage

Spoken words of envy and breathing in words of hate
Taking other people’s malice, in the interest of sanity’s sake
Words of peace, do not fail me now, when love seems so distant away
I am stronger each time, when fear takes me over, I can stand for one more day
An audience waits as I take to the stage, and I see in their eyes, thoughts of jealousy, so now I begin to rage
I’m scared and I panic and question this brave new choice
I beg to myself and my audience ‘please help me find my voice’
I choke up further and my mouth begins to dry
My eyes turn to darkness and my soul begins to cry
I walk away with their laughter surrounding
With every step I’m still questioning and deciding
Should I really be here, is this my actual calling,
Or is my fear engulfing me, is that why I’m stalling
Dislike of rejection from people without power
Continually refusing to let this hope within me flower
Faded strength fortuitously overwhelms my dreams
Was this all just an illusion, a nightmare or a vision it seems
The lights fade on my stage and my heart
My stomach clenches and butterflies begin to start
On a stage by myself, I feel vulnerable and cold
This feeling intensifies, becomes stronger and bold
The stage opens possibilities, dreams and chances
It’s like an amplifier, where my potential enhances
But the stage I face loves nothing but fear
That is why I stand here with nothing but a tear.
By Kavita Sohanta

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