Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Spiritual Mobility

Ride upon with glorious intent, ride along with more than repent
Hold tight these reigns, chase past your pains
In this misty land, where the road is not clear
Use more than your eyes, use your courage built from fear
You’ve travelled relentless, without remorse or regret
You become senseless, without discourse or upset
Yet ride high above your past, ride with energy, no longer will I be last
As I race arm to arm with demons waiting, my mind begins contemplating
Pride will blind me, jealousy will choke me, yet all will fade away if I find love within me
Demons eyes stare deep on the back of my neck, and its tempting words at my brain, do peck
Ride on young traveller, ride high above your past, ride stronger, ride with your heart, and ride more fast
This race will not be over, so don’t give up no more, for there are demons around you, who are closing the door
Anxiety will drown you, stress will dull you, yet will all go away if you use the power within you
So trust in this chariot, which you will call life, trust in the wheels that hold you upright
Don’t look back, or you’ll fall on your back, don’t taste the fear, or they will attack
Hold the reigns constant, let love drive you on
For you are riding alone now, and these demons are gone.
By Kavita Sohanta

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  1. Oh my goodness! Such a cute pose. What a beautiful cat you have...you're so lucky!