Sunday, 15 November 2009

I prayed that god would help me find my way

I prayed that god would help me find my way,
A way through the darkness,
Through the suffering and the pain,
God showed me sweet kindness
Of how to get through the day
A way to make the day start happier again
I asked of miracles to keep a smile on my face
To keep me in god’s graces
And to always keep me in a brighter place
God picked out an angel to keep me from harm
Someone who’s tender, accepting and fair
The one to create balance, when my life isn’t calm
So trusting, so protective, attentive with care
So whenever I fear what this world has to offer
I never have to look too far away
I simply call you, because there is no other
Who god has sent to me, to get me through my day.

By Kavita Sohanta

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