Tuesday, 11 January 2011

The City Echo

Nourished prospects and cloudy towns
Built from brick of red and grey
Buildings scattered, choking the luscious grounds
These constant images of everyday

Flowers and gardens, and an air of grace
Etched against a backdrop of blue and white
With patches of green from place to place
Mixes of colour, stretching to great heights

Veins of passengers, travelling night and day
In windy days, storms, sunshine and rain
For destinations to work, rest and play
Journey’s riddled with frustration and pain

With billions of feet passing over concrete and stone
Each walk of life, each story awakes
Of chance encounters and people you meet
Of business endeavours to hearts that break

Scattered coloured faces wash the busy streets
And over bridges and roads, to keep the energy alive
Underneath the earth, this buzzing heats
Taking you over, connecting you to the vibe

At night the streets are paved with lights
Like a human body, this city pulsates
Streets of glamour, of energy and sights
Like a beating heart, that never deflates

By Kavita Sohanta

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