Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Angel Prayer

Summer fading, winters gone

Leaves falling and summer sun

Seasons changing uncontrollable

Forces of nature whisper unknowing

The drama of life and its spinning intoxication

Is all but a dream, just a constant fabrication?

Souls encountering and feeling and learning

On the quest for discovery, constantly yearning

Colours, magnetic that spill over the land

Souls forever protected in the lord’s almighty hand

Within this fabric we endeavour to be

Happy, protected, guided and free

Flowing in love, friendship and dreams

Entangled in honesty good wish’s it seems

Dear fairies around, place your gaze on someone

Show her your love, and teach her right from wrong

We angels need your guidance to

To teach us what we have to do

For we misplace our wings and loose our way

That is why we call to you when we pray

Let me rest my tired mind, and drift into a sleep

The images of this beautiful world, in my soul to keep

I give to you this special place, here within my heart

It’s here for you, when you need, from the end till the start

By Kavita Sohanta

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