Tuesday, 11 January 2011


So much in our lives, you have taught us
And through your pains, you have showed us the light
The love that you give, it surrounds us
The true power shines through with full might

No pain was too much for your soul
You tried not to show how it would feel
Swallow your agony, turn the tears to a laugh
So quickly you could help someone heal

You’ve showed that when people do wrong
To forgive them and to carry on
To keep a smile on your face and be strong
Then all that once went wrong, will be gone

Your wisdom surpasses your years
You’re a teacher, a father and friend
Through you, we’ve learnt to confront our fears
So now, through god, good wishes to you we send

How can we tell you that in every way
In everything, and in everyday
Of how proud we are to say you’re ours
Of how these seeds, you planted, have flowered

From what we are, to what we will be
Together we will walk for eternity
Love it happens for as long as it takes
Yet love from daughters to a father is a bond that never breaks

By Kavita Sohanta

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